6 Outdoor Winter Activities in Gainesville

By Rebecca Vitkus
winter activities in Gainesville

As tempting as it may be to keep the kids indoors when the temperature drops, the winter weather is only here for a moment, and it is meant to be enjoyed! Take a break from video games and holiday movie marathons to bask in the briskness of the cool outdoors with these winter activities in Gainesville!

1. Pack a picnic and take a hike! The chilly weather this time of year provides the perfect atmosphere for enjoying nature and its wintertime scenery. Be sure to pack a warm lunch filled with nutritious treats, and don’t forget the thermoses of hot apple cider to warm everyone from the inside out.

2. Cooler weather doesn’t provide an excuse for you to stop being active, and it certainly doesn’t drain kids of all their energy. To keep everyone feeling merry and bright, go for a family bike ride in the fresh outdoors. The gingerbread cookies and other holiday sweets you eat later will taste even better when you know you’ve remembered your wintertime exercise.

3. Bring a stack of winter-themed books and a blanket big enough for everyone to have story time in the open air. Kids can use their imaginations to dream of sledding down hills and building snowmen, even when there’s not a snowflake in sight.

4. Ride around the city, with the car windows down, in search of the biggest and brightest holiday light displays. Wrap everyone in furry blankets and socks as you tour the town’s most festive decoration displays. Make note of the best ones to revisit next year!

5. Enjoy the dog days of — winter! Gather your whole family to take Spot for an afternoon stroll. Everyday activities, like walking the dog or raking the leaves, become more exciting and enjoyable when the air is crisp, so make the most of the season by turning average routines into cheerful memories.

6. Emphasize the importance of generosity. Take a walk around the block and deliver warm baked goods to your neighbors and friends to bring holiday cheer to both your family and theirs.

Keep warm and cozy during those winter activities!

With skies that change from sunny to gray and back to sunny all in one afternoon, layering is an important part of wintertime warmth. Wearing many layers of clothing allows for both adults and children to adapt to changing temperatures. Remember, body heat escapes through the head, so be sure to bring cute winter hats to wear. Mittens will help prevent frozen hands, and scarves serve a purpose that is both pretty and practical. Keep hair and hands dry, be aware of signs of frostbite and hypothermia and remember to know when the weather is too frigid for your family fun.


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