Best Mother’s Day Gifts

By Sarah Sepe

Moms: what would we do without them? They spend countless hours cooking, cleaning, working, and all around just being selfless for their families. However, one day a year (though, it should be every day) they get to sit back, relax and be celebrated by their families on Mother’s Day.

But, as families grow older, gift ideas begin to dwindle away. A macaroni necklace for the fourth year in a row? While sweet the first time, it gets old.

Here are some gift ideas for mom that she will love and don’t have to break dad’s bank. And don’t worry, there are some ideas the kids can get in on, too.

Switch Roles for a Day

This is a tried-and-true gift from the gods. Moms are constantly on their feet, planning the days or worrying what to do with the kids when it’s date night. My mom always said that vacations ended up being a bigger hassle for her than staying home, because she had to worry about my sisters and I wandering off during the trip.

So, dads, it’s your time to shine. Take the load off your wife’s plate for the day. Cook her breakfast, talk to the children before the day begins and tell them: No complaining to mom. Then, plan to drop the kids off at a relative’s house and have a romantic evening alone. It’s a gesture she will most likely never forget. 

What I Love About Mom

This fill-in-the-blank love journal by Knock Knock is one of the gifts that the kids can join and do. It’s an easy, sentimental, heartfelt gift that mom can pick up and look through for years to come.

We found this one on Amazon, and here’s another version by M.H. Clark, also on Amazon.

Digital Picture Frame

Now, I know we said we would keep dad’s bank account intact, however this digital picture frame is a gift that (literally) keeps on giving. My grandmother had one of these in her home, and I always loved watching countless memories pass by on the screen. 

The best thing about this is that you can constantly update the camera roll, so you can say goodbye to staring at the same photo in a frame for the next 13 Mother’s Days to come.

Here’s one by Aura and another found at Bed Bath & Beyond.

But at the end of the day, however it is you choose to celebrate your wife on her special day, she will love it as long as you put as much thought, effort and love into it as she does with your family.


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