Celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9!

By Amanda Roland

Pizza day… A kids dream come true! It’s the ultimate Friday night family dinner. The most asked for cuisine for their birthday party meals. And, we can’t forget to mention the easiest dinner (and sometimes breakfast) for that sleepover. It’s the almighty pizza. Nothing beats gooey cheese, tangy and sweet sauce, crisp and fluffy crust topped, well, with just about anything you can imagine to quench all the cravings of our kiddos. But, what is it about this popular cuisine that has our kiddos drool over? In the words of Josh, my 10-year son, whose birthday just happens to fall on National Pizza Day and whose favorite food is pizza, “Pizza is the best!” When asked what about pizza makes it his favorite, he proclaims, “The sauce, Mom!” This comes from a kid who won’t eat tomatoes in raw form. But, who am I to argue? Tomato sauce is full of vitamins A,C and K, and tomatoes are loaded with fiber. Josh… eat all the sauce you want, kiddo!

Josh will, if able, consume pizza three days a week. And, his favorite type, the classic cheese of course. He is also a pro at making his own frozen pizza and warming up his left over pizza. For Josh, pizza is the answer to the great dinnertime question, “What would you like to have for dinner?” I am proud to say, he will make the best college roommate one day!

Kids just love pizza… and well, why shouldn’t they? It’s finger food friendly, comes ready to eat at your door, is topped with gooey cheese and other salty delights and if mom and dad ordered right, there will be plenty for the next day. A kid’s heaven! In the words of Josh, “Pizza is the best!’ and we can’t blame him!

Our Local Pizza Favorites

Blue Highway

Micanopy – (352) 466-0062

Tioga – (352) 505-6833

Leonardo’s Pizza by the Slice

(352) 375-2007

New York Pizza Plus

(386) 418-3857

Piesanos StoneFired Pizza

Archer Road- (352) 371- 8646

Millhopper- (352) 371-7437

University Ave- (352) 375-2337

Humble Wood Fire

(850) 766-4467

Main St. Pie Co.

(386) 462-0661


(386) 454-3858



What’s Your Type?

We polled 146 readers to see what kinds of pizza they loved best. Here is what they said!

Different Pizzas by Region

Chicago: Chicago-style pizza is the original deep-dish. Because of its size, this pizza is treated as more of a meal that requires forks and knives to cut into. There’s also a greater variation of combinations that can be created with a deep-dish pie compared to a standard pizza.

New York: The long-time rival of the Chicago pizza, New York pizza has a thin crust and can be hand-held, for eating on the go. Toppings are more limited for this type of pizza, but it’s more similar to the classic Italian-style.

New Haven: In New Haven, Connecticut, apizza (pronounced “ah-beets”) is baked in a coal oven, is Italian-inspired with thin crust and few toppings and has no uniform shape due to each pie being hand-formed. A classic New Haven pizza to try is their white clam pizza.

Detroit: A newly accepted region of pizza excellence is Detroit, Michigan. Detroit-style pizza is thick and square, getting its shape from being baked in square pans that allow the edges of the pizza cheese to caramelize. This gives the pizzas a golden brown edge on every slice.

Healthy or Not?

There have been a lot of back and forths about the healthiness of pizza. Recent studies have shown that pizza may be healthier for you to eat rather than a hearty bowl of cereal, what?! So, what is the actual truth about eating pizza? Is it really that bad for you? Are there some types of health benefits on that yummy, gooey cheese?

The answer is subjective to the type of pizza that you eat. According to an article from CNN, it depends on the type of crust you eat and the amount of cheese and toppings you have that can determine the level of “healthy” your pizza falls under.

One thing that is definitely important to know about pizza and your diet, is that even a healthy pizza comes with a lot of sodium from the cheese and tomato sauce, so people who watch their salt intake need to think about the pizza they are about to eat.

CNN said that the pros of pizza are that, “it offers calcium from cheese and disease-fighting lycopene from tomatoes. And pizza crust made with whole- wheat flour is healthier than regular white crust, as it offers whole grains and fiber and is digested more slowly than refined grains.”

Typically, eating a pizza that has more veggies and less meat products like sausage, pepperoni and meatballs is going to be better for those who keep a close eye on nutritional facts. If you enjoy eating pizza regularly, we suggest a homemade pizza with healthier ingredients and lots of veggies!

Celebrate National Pizza Day this weekend with your family!