Celebrate National Student-Athlete Day on April 6th

By Julia Bauer

Although National Student-Athlete Day is April 6, the grind never stops for athletic youth. 

Student-Athlete Day is a time to “celebrate the resiliency” of students participating in sports, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). 

If your kids are student-athletes, now is the time to show them a little extra love.

What is Student-Athlete Day?

Student-Athlete Day was created in 1987 by the Institute for Sport and Social Justice. It aims to recognize and appreciate the academic and athletic achievements made by high school and college athletes everywhere. Student-Athlete Day also honors the community contributions these individuals have made. 

The Institute for Sport and Social Justice partnered with the NCAA and National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) to further the celebration. 

The goal of Student-Athlete Day is to promote “positive virtues of sport, student-athletes as a whole” and their societal benefits, according to the Institute for Sport and Social Justice

Over the years, over 4.4 million students have been honored by National Student-Athlete Day.

What can you do for Student-Athlete Day?

To honor your student-athlete and their well-rounded achievements, going to their games or upgrading their athletic gear are a few ways to show appreciation for their hard work on the field and off. 

There is also an award ceremony along with Student-Athlete Day, called Giant Steps Awards. This program honors individuals “who have shown courage, heroism, triumph in the midst of adversity, and community activism through the power of sport,” according to the Institute for Sport and Social Justice

Honorees are chosen from these categories: Courageous student-athletes, coaches, civic leaders, barrier breakers and “A Hero Among Us.” 

If you want to enter your student-athlete into the Giant Steps Awards, visit this website

Student-athletes work hard year-round, but April 6 is their day to shine. Let your student-athlete know they’re appreciated this Student-Athlete Day.


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