Julia Bauer

Why are Kids Competitive?

Competitive children can turn everything from brushing their teeth to eating their vegetables into a contest? Competitive children want to win at whatever it is they’re doing, which can be a huge motivator. A study published in “World Conference on… read more

How To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

While our planet deserves appreciation every day, April 22nd is Earth Day – a time to celebrate the Earth and everything it does for us.  According to National Geographic, Earth Day has been around since 1970 when a Wisconsin senator… read more

Celebrate National Student-Athlete Day on April 6th

Although National Student-Athlete Day is April 6, the grind never stops for athletic youth.  Student-Athlete Day is a time to “celebrate the resiliency” of students participating in sports, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  If your kids are… read more

The Story Behind Groundhog Day

While February may be best known for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about the unique celebration of the furry creature that uses his shadow to predict the weather.   Every February 2nd, the famous Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his home in… read more