How To Celebrate Earth Day With Your Kids

By Julia Bauer

While our planet deserves appreciation every day, April 22nd is Earth Day – a time to celebrate the Earth and everything it does for us. And Earth Day is a great holiday to celebrate with your kids!

According to National Geographic, Earth Day has been around since 1970 when a Wisconsin senator decided to organize a national event to draw attention to environmental problems. Since then, it has become a world-wide holiday that over one billion people celebrate. 

Issues such as litter, pollution and deforestation are prevalent, and it is imperative younger generations care for our planet. Take some time April 22nd to explore the world with your child, even if this means venturing as close as your backyard. 

Try out these activities to celebrate Earth Day with your kids:  

Go on a family walk

Family walks are a way to get outside and get some exercise while bonding with each other at the same time. Take a family walk around your neighborhood or at a local trail and explore the outdoors; point out different plants and animals to your kids.

Play “I Spy” outside

Play a nature version of “I Spy” with your kids. Look out the window, stand outside or play this on your family walk. While you play, you can teach your child about different parts of the earth. 

Take them to a park

Taking your kids to a park is another great way to get them outside. Walk or drive to the nearest park and play outdoor games with them. Also, talk to them about the importance of taking care of the planet. 

Create Earth art 

Draw or paint pictures of the Earth with your kids. Art helps kids develop motor skills, decision-making skills and inventiveness, according to PBS. Instead of using a sheet of paper to make the art, use a paper plate and have your kids paint what they think the earth looks like from space. 

Visit the aquarium 

Visit the closest aquarium and give your kids an idea of life underwater. While exploring the aquarium, teach your kids about pollution and how it can harm sea life. 

Teach them how to be environmentally conscious 

Start teaching your kids about the importance of being environmentally aware. If your kids are young, you can introduce the idea of being environmentally conscious. If they’re a little older, you can explain some ways they can help reduce their own carbon footprint. 

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