Celebrate Grandparents Day

By Emely Arango
Grandmother and granddaughter hugging and reading a book

When I think of the best moments in my childhood, my thoughts are pulled to the memories of my grandparents. When my grandfather wasn’t tutoring me in Algebra, he was a worthy wrestling opponent, and captivated my family with intricate magic tricks that still puzzle us to this day. His partner of 54 years, my grandmother and the true writer of the family, would walk me through her world of mythical fairies, mushroom-top cottages and dresses made of moonlight, as we whispered in the dark and grabbed at stars to put away in my gift box.

Whether they bake sweets, build forts, perform magic tricks or tell stories, all grandparents deserve some love this coming Grandparents Day. Here are our top suggestions to make them feel special.

Take Them Out to Lunch

Show the grandparents in your life how much you and your family appreciate them by taking them out to lunch at their favorite restaurant. Having some quality time is a great way to show them you and your kids value them, and care to create new memories of time well spent.

Give Them Handwritten Letters

Grandparents are old school. Sometimes the best gifts are well thought out, handwritten or drawn letters (from the little ones) for them to treasure. You and your family can recount the stories that come to mind when you think of them, and use this as an opportunity to verbalize just how much they mean to you all.

Make Them a Photo Album

There is no better way to take a trip to the past than looking through old photographs. Albums are typically common in the household, but a specific album for grandparents may be missing from the shelves. For an extra touch of personalization, you can have your kids decorate the album or have it engraved.

Give Them a Phone or Video Call

Oftentimes, the grandparents may live farther away than we’d like, and our busy schedules always seem to be full of day-to-day responsibilities with little room to spare. Carve some time out with your family this Grandparents Day to talk to the grandparents, and make them feel thought of.

Cook for Them

For a more intimate gesture, invite them over or ask if you can spend the evening at their house to cook a family meal. You can make their favorite dishes or recreate some family recipes, play a favorite game, and end the night with dessert.

Send Them a Video Collage

Sometimes it can be hard to get the whole family together for celebrations. Consider having your family members record individual videos expressing how much they value their grandparents, and put them together as one video collage for them to enjoy.

There is no wrong way to celebrate Grandparents day. Whether you send something, meet with them, or give them a phone call, the grandparents in your family will be sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness taken to mark this special holiday.



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