Scuba Diver Halloween

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume

Dress up your kiddo like an underwater explorer with this fun and simple DIY Scuba Diver Halloween costume! Look below for supplies and directions! DIY Scuba Diver solid black shirt and pants black felt empty 2-liter bottle grey spray paint tubing or rope pacifier goggles Have your kiddo dress in all black. With black felt,

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class of 2020

We Celebrate the Class of 2020 in Honor of Back-to-School Season!

Dear Class of 2020, If we had a crystal ball in August to see what the school year would end like, would you have done anything differently? Sure, maybe you wouldn’t have invested in that prom dress or tux that didn’t get worn, but deep down, would you have changed anything? Would you not have

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graduate together

LeBron James Prepares to Celebrate 2020 Graduates with a ‘Graduate Together’ Special

As graduations are canceled throughout the county, LeBron James wants to make sure that all high school seniors have their special moments this semester. The LeBron James Foundation, XQ Institute and The Entertainment Industry Foundation just announced that there will be a celebration called “Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020” on

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