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Health Anxiety in Children: It’s Real and Needs Our Attention

Picture 11-year-old Joseph. His grandfather recently passed away after a long bout of cancer. Unfortunately, it was not without pain and suffering, for which Joseph got a front row seat. Now, months after his grandfather’s passing, he has started to complain of body pains to his parents, his siblings and even teachers at school. His

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Cope With Election Anxiety

4 Tips to Help Your Family Cope With Election Anxiety

Election Day is coming up, and for many people, the political season brings a lot of anxiety and stress. And, even for your kiddos who can't vote yet, they can feel when their parents are anxious. Help your family cope with election anxiety with these tips! Limit Your News Consumption With all the presidential debates,

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How To Help Children With Anxiety

Children today seem to be experiencing anxiety at higher levels than ever before. In response to this trend, the State of Florida has become the first in the nation to require mental health education for students in grades six through 12. Parents do all we can to help our anxious kids, but typical parenting approaches

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Does My Child Have Too Much Anxiety?

By Crystal Ladwig Anxiety disorders among children are growing at an alarming rate. The National Institutes of Health report that more than 30 percent of adolescents experience anxiety disorders including obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorders during their lifetime. The reason is unclear. Are children facing greater stress and pressure than earlier generations? Are they

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Benefits of Weighted Blankets

By Ashleigh Braun | Lead photo courtesy of SensaCalm A cozy blanket may be your perfect movie companion, the best part of a good night’s sleep or your go-to snuggle buddy when you are feeling lonely. Next time you reach for your fuzzy friend, consider trying a weighted blanket. Essentially, weighted blankets are just regular

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