What Type of Parent Are You?

Illustrations by Anibal Rodriguez and Megan Sapelak Researchers have identified four primary parenting styles that classify most parents and the way they raise their children. While there is no perfect parent, researchers have also uncovered certain long-term traits of children associated with each parenting style. Most parents will identify most strongly with one archetype but you

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Social Media

4 Things to Consider When Posting About Your Kids

BY STACEY STEINBERG My kids had online footprints long before they had ever dipped their toes into the social media pool. Everything they did, including their achievements, medical concerns and silly antics, has graced my Facebook feed since they each entered the world. I documented my journey through motherhood in public blog posts and sappy

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What’s So Fun About Being A Parent?

You always hear the horrors about being a parent: the sleepless nights, the mess everywhere, the smells. Seems like a battle cooking what your kid likes, arguing with them to get in the shower or go to bed and not having one moment to yourself – unless you manage to get a break and go

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