bonding over bath time

Bonding Over Bath Time

It’s commonly known that physical touch between a baby and his parents provides many benefits, but did you know that bath time can be rewarding, too? Set aside the stress of a bath time ritual by organizing and planning in advance to make this a special bonding opportunity. Bath time for babies can be both

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Make Your Own Bubble Solution!

Does your child love the magic of bubbles? Now you can make this simple solution to practice some science, measurement and have some fun! Try this DIY bubble solution that uses only 3 ingredients you likely already have on hand. Have your child help prepare the solution for fun play.  4 cups warm water  1/2

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The Magic of Bubbles

We remember the days of chasing bubbles around the yard without a care in the world. What makes bubbles so magical for kids of all ages?  Bubbles are not just fun, they are also an important part of a child’s development. According to Sensory Lifestyle, an online resource to teach parents evidence-based play techniques, bubbles

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