Toddler Toys

How to Get Toddler Toys Squeaky Clean

Most toddlers have no trouble collecting a mountain of toys thanks to generous family members and friends. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure their toys stay clean after your kiddo is finished playing with them and (probably) putting them in their mouth. But what do you clean them with? Many cleaners on the market

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the lion king

Download ‘The Lion King’ Experience for FREE!

Is your kiddo interested in all things theater? The acting, the stage design, the makeup? If so, Disney has given another amazing learning resource for little theater buffs called The Lion King Experience. "The Lion King Experience is an immersive arts education program that introduces students to many aspects of theater-making through the lens of The Lion

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What To Do When Your Kiddo Has Pinworms

“You’ll get worms!” Is this just something moms like to use as a scare tactic, or is it something to really be concerned about? My mom swears she used to buy sterilized sand for my sandbox when I was a kid because she was afraid I would eat it and get worms. Was this necessary

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