make chili dogs

Make Chili Dogs for Your Labor Day Celebrations!

Kids and parents love hot dogs! They are easy and quick for the busy family, and they can be made in mass quantities for little cost. However, there’s something about a chili dog, a perfectly grilled hot dog with a heaping of chili on top. Regionally, some variations may switch out bun or hot dog

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Travel Activities for Kids

10 Non-Electronic Travel Activities for Kiddos

I don't know about you, but we are not a tablet family. I have one that I barely use, and the only time the kids get to use it is when we are hiding in our safe place during the occasional tornado warning or when our 4-year-old is being stubborn and I have to bribe

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Labor Day Weekend

Fun Labor Day Weekend Plans for the Whole Family!

Believe it or not, Labor Day is this Monday! The year is flying by, kiddos are already back in school and I'd say that a day off is much needed – for everyone. Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend in a safe way with these fun plans for the whole family! Carson Springs Drive-Thru Safari The

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