Are You Looking for Answers? A Mental Health Discussion

Does your child seem stressed, anxious or depressed? Many parents today are concerned about the mental and relational health of their children. Our children are looking for answers and, frankly, so are we. Looking4Answer’s mission is to give parents and children hope for today by sharing video stories of real people who are overcomers. We

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Hey Moms! It’s Time to Put Yourself First

Parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences, but it can also be one of the most exhausting. Mothers are often the foundation of the household — making meals, cleaning, keeping up with extracurriculars and more. There is no debating that the role of a mom is crucial to the growth and development of children.

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Is it Wrong to Cry in Front of Kids?

Many parents feel that shielding their children from tough life scenarios is a cardinal responsibility of parenting. They keep their children from learning about difficult situations or hide their own emotions as a way to provide a sense of peace and security. While young children are not necessarily ready for exposure to some of the horrors of

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sick girl

Health Anxiety in Children: It’s Real and Needs Our Attention

Picture 11-year-old Joseph. His grandfather recently passed away after a long bout of cancer. Unfortunately, it was not without pain and suffering, for which Joseph got a front row seat. Now, months after his grandfather’s passing, he has started to complain of body pains to his parents, his siblings and even teachers at school. His

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moms need me time for mental health

Moms Need Me-Time, Too — Especially Now!

Let’s get real, being a mom is not easy. You are constantly monitoring someone else, making sure everyone gets fed and you are being pulled in a million different directions. If you get a chance to sit down, it’s only for a minute and even the bathroom isn’t a safe zone anymore. And, especially now

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children who experience anxiety

How To Help Children With Anxiety

Children today seem to be experiencing anxiety at higher levels than ever before. In response to this trend, the State of Florida has become the first in the nation to require mental health education for students in grades six through 12. Parents do all we can to help our anxious kids, but typical parenting approaches

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