whipped coffee

Make Whipped Coffee, the Latest Internet Trend!

If you have spent any time on Tik Tok recently, whether it be your account or your kiddo's, you might have seen a new coffee trend that is taking over the internet. It's calling whipped coffee, and it might be the best thing since sliced bread. This drink, while new to us, has actually been

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healthy habits to continue

Healthy Habits to Continue After the COVID-19 Quarantine

While we do not know exactly when life will go back to normal after all the stay-at-home orders and quarantining, we are all hoping that it is sooner rather than later. But, what is life going to look like after we all emerge from quarantine, head back to work and send our kiddos back to

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family approved dinners

7 Easy Family-Approved Dinners To Get You Through This Week!

There’s nothing like spending a whole day stuck inside with your "at-home students" and knowing that these little children who call you “mom” will be expecting to eat at some point. As daunting as feeding a family seems, it can be done simply and nutritiously with just a little bit of preparation and planning. Here’s

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