6 STEM/STEAM Toys to Spark Your Kiddo’s Curiosity!

The inquisitive minds of children are a magical thing. They ask questions and lots of them. Like, “what are clouds made of?” and “how is silly string, well, really silly?” Their minds are sponges at this age and what better way to encourage their natural curiosity and love of learning than with STEM/STEAM toys. Specifically

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Cade Museum Offers At-Home Interactive STEAM Activities

The Cade Museum is offering interactive STEAM activities (activities based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) through "Cade at Home." Online, you can find 7 lessons all modeled after the museum's Mothers of Invention exhibition. ​"Everyone says that necessity is the mother of invention," according to Cade Museum. "But at the Cade, we see

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