6 STEM/STEAM Toys to Spark Your Kiddo’s Curiosity!

The inquisitive minds of children are a magical thing. They ask questions and lots of them. Like, “what are clouds made of?” and “how is silly string, well, really silly?” Their minds are sponges at this age and what better way to encourage their natural curiosity and love of learning than with STEM/STEAM toys. Specifically

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STEM Showcase for Alachua County K-5 Teachers

By Natalie Richoux In our August and September issue of Giggle, we published an article titles "Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling of STEM" which discussed the importance of girls interested in STEM related fields pursuing those interests and the various resources available in Alachua County for girls interested in STEM fields. On Wednesday, October 17,

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Girls in STEM/STEAM: Breaking the Glass Ceiling!

The glass ceiling has been broken in many areas of society, but one prominent area remains. Males continue to dominate STEM careers. Thankfully, resources encouraging girls to pursue their interests in these fields, and girls in STEM/STEAM are on the rise! STEM programs include subjects and topics related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. You

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