7 Healthy Cereals for a Better Breakfast This Year

Cereal is a quick and easy breakfast option for busy families. We’ve all been minutes away from rushing out the door only to take a quick pause for some Lucky Charms. All you need is a few minutes to pour cereal and milk in a bowl, grab a spoon and you’ve got the perfect breakfast

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spoonful of granulated white sugar

4 Additives to Remove From Your Diet

We all know that fresh is best when it comes to food. The more natural it is, the higher the likelihood our bodies can tolerate it. However, since World War II, our culture has ingrained processed foods into our daily diet. Tinned foods became popular during the war due to food shortages. Shortly thereafter, in

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too much sugar

Learn the Dangers of Too Much Sugar

It’s an easy trap to fall into. Candy as treats when potty training, going out for ice cream as a reward for good grades, hot chocolate after school on cold days. Sugary foods are quick and easy to utilize when we want to feel good or give a special prize, plus they taste good and

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