Pregnant woman

Pregnancy Tips From Real-Life Experiences

Warning, Read at Your Own Risk! Pregnancy Tips from Real Life Experiences  You read all the books. You attended the classes. You took the hospital tour. But nothing can prepare you for having a baby like actually having the baby. Once you start swapping stories with fellow parents, chances are you will say “wow... I

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#MomHacks: Back-to-School Hacks

Check out these Mom Hacks to help ease from the lazy days of summer back to a structured school schedule. "Before buying ANY school supplies, take stock of what you have first! Who cares if they are a bit used or sharpened down to the core. A dollar saved is a dollar towards a latte!"

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get through homework

7 Tips to Help Your Kiddo Get Through Their Homework

Homework is a child’s worst nightmare. After spending 6-7 hours at school or in at-home learning, the last thing they want to do is sit down and do more work, so it can be a challenge to actually get them to complete their homework. Don’t fret though because we’ve got a few tips and tricks

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Calling All Teachers!

Calling all teachers! We have created a "Teacher Tips" video series to help our local families navigate these choppy waters of "at-home schooling". We are looking for YOU, the amazing teachers of Alachua County, both from the private and public arena, that would like to share their helpful tips with parents who are "at-home schooling"

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