Crafting With Toddlers

Make Crafting With Toddlers Easy and Fun!

You probably see the word “craft” and say “No way!” Crafting with toddlers may bring to mind lumps of ooey-gooey play dough, stamp pads and Popsicle sticks that create a mess on the dining room table. Trust me, I have been there. However, for your toddler, simple crafting is both educational and fun. Sure, they are going to make a mess, but they

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Preparing the Perfect Play Space

Whether you have a whole room or a corner nook, designating a space for your child’s toys and playthings can help the house stay organized and give your child a specific place to play.  When planning your space, consider safety first. Ensure all outlets are covered, toys are not placed at a height that could

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Toddler Tantrums: From Destructive to Constructive

We all have our moments. Moments when emotions get the best of us, anger consumes us and scream-crying seems to be the only appropriate response. As adults, we can (hopefully) control these emotions and constructively deal with them. However, our kiddos can have a hard time sorting through their emotions, leading to tantrums, screaming contests and tornado-like destruction of the living room.

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Toddler Toys

How to Get Toddler Toys Squeaky Clean

Most toddlers have no trouble collecting a mountain of toys thanks to generous family members and friends. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure their toys stay clean after your kiddo is finished playing with them and (probably) putting them in their mouth. But what do you clean them with? Many cleaners on the market

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Make Potty Training a Breeze With These Tips

When my boys started to show signs of being ready to be potty trained, we did what every parent of little boys did. We let them run around diaper-less in the fenced-in backyard and let them just go! They were amazed to see what happened when they had to go! “Wow... look at that mommy!”

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Prevent Choking Incidents

Don’t Get Choked Up: How to Prevent Choking Incidents in Children

How many times have you said, “No, don’t put that in your mouth!” to your infant or toddler? Sometimes it is your car keys, other times it is "treasures" he found on the ground. Many of those found items pose a choking risk to children, but there are also many foods and other items parents

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