3 Sweet & Healthy Treats to Make for Your Kids on Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your little ones just became a whole lot healthier. Put aside those conversation hearts and gooey chocolates, and get creative with these yummy options your kiddos will be sure to LOVE - without throwing off your family’s commitment to healthy eating. Make these three treats for your kids this Valentine's Day!

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Jello Desserts

Simple Jello Desserts for Summer

A Dessert That Provokes Jello-sy: Jello is the ultimate snack for the summer, and here at Giggle Magazine you’ll get all the best recipes for them! I will never forget that one episode of Phineas and Ferb when they filled the pool with Jello mix so they could have a fruity-flavored trampoline. I can’t tell you

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No Tricks, Just Halloween Themed Treats!

Halloween is next week, and we are so ready! While you probably aren't throwing a big Halloween party for the whole neighborhood, you can still make some spooky snacks for your family and a few friends! Try out these Halloween themed treats this year to get in the spooky spirit! FESTIVE MIX Combine Chex mix,

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