Peanut App: A Meeting Place for Moms

Motherhood is wonderful and fulfilling. And sometimes isolating. Many moms crave adult conversation and other parents to share ideas, swap recommendations for daycare and gripe about your lack of sleep. Meet Peanut, a free app designed to help moms connect and find other like-minded mothers. This app was co-created by the Bumble dating app founder

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Parker Family

#BossMom: Meet Heather Parker

Meet Heather Parker, Mom to: James (16) and Cameron (13) Wife to James “Robbie” Parker Where do you work and what do you do? Tell us a bit about it. What are some of your goals with it? I am the Executive Director for the Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure Foundation. Our mission is to advance

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Getting Back to Work: From Stay-at-Home to Working Parent

By Danielle Spano There are over 5 million stay-at-home mothers, according to the US Census Bureau’s America’s Families and Living Arrangements report. And while moms still make up the majority of stay-at-home parents, there are now about 2 million stay-at-home fathers, 21 percent of whom are home specifically to care for the family, according to

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