Sidewalk Chalk: Creativity Without The Mess!

Sidewalk chalk! The ultimate crafting medium that isn't super messy and can wash off of ~pretty much~ anything! Here are some crafts that involve sidewalk chalk to keep your kiddos busy if they are bored from all this social distancing! Gather Your Supplies! Glitter Sidewalk Chalk Colorations Sidewalk Chalk Crayola Washable Chalk Draw Yourself Challenge

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Cade Museum to Open Synthetic Ice-Skating Rink on July 3

Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention just announced the opening of a synthetic ice-skating rink in the museum's rotunda on July 3. This ice-skating rink is in collaboration with the museum's summer collections of "cool" inventions. The exhibits will teach you about air conditioning, refrigeration and artificial ice, and you can learn more about Florida-based

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Looking for Ways To Get Creative In Gainesville?

For the creative mind, Gainesville is a great location. There are so many creative things to do with your friends and family, ranging from painting to something a little more out of this world. Forbes shares that tapping into your creativity can improve your overall health by increasing happiness and improving mental health.  Painters can

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