Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating: What It Is and How to Avoid it

Bodies need nourishment. Food and water provide fuel for bodily processes and activities, and we must replenish our supply daily. Individual body makeup along with activity level determines what you need to sustain yourself and maintain a healthy weight. While we know intellectually that we need food to thrive, sometimes food can hold power over

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popcorn recipes

4 Creative Popcorn Recipes to Make For Movie Night!

When we think about popcorn, our minds usually jump straight to the massive tubs of overly buttered bright yellow kernels at the movie theaters. Some will say the snack is best enjoyed served hot and on its own, but popcorn lovers would say otherwise. This taste snack has been around and enjoyed since the late

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Body Positivity Around the Dinner Table

Promote Body Positivity Around the Dinner Table This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, traditions and of course — all of the themed meals and treats! However, the reality is, with kiddos, growing teens, extended family and a pandemic still lurking, this time can also be extremely stressful, and body positivity around the dinner table can be forgotten. The importance

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christmas cookies

7 New Christmas Cookie Ideas for The Holidays!

‘Tis the season for baking Christmas cookies! For some, it's a holiday tradition with your kids, and for others, it's baking therapy to get yourself ready for the holiday madness. Regardless of the reason why you make Christmas cookies, maybe it’s time to revamp your cookies this year! Check out some of these new and

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6 Snacks for the On-The-Go Parent!

Healthy snacks are so important for keeping Mommy and Daddy going. Good snacks provide vitamins and nutrients vital to keeping you ready to go at a moment’s notice when your little ones have recitals and soccer games. Here are six great snacks to keep your motor running. 1. Fruit Fruit is the perfect snack. It’s

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preparing butternut squash

Tips and Tricks for Preparing Butternut Squash

Butternut squash has become one of the trendiest fall and winter vegetables. With tomorrow being the first day of fall, it's time to know how to navigate around this delicious ingredient. This widely-enjoyed squash is very versatile, and it contains numerous health benefits. According to the USDA, butternut squash is full of vitamin A, in

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Pumpkin-Pecan Cream Cheese Dip

Make This Super Easy Pumpkin-Pecan Cream Cheese Dip

Looking for a sweet fall treat that won't take hours to make? Look no further! This super easy Pumpkin-Pecan Cream Cheese Dip will satisfy your sweet tooth and bring the flavors of fall into your home. This treat must be shared with loved ones!   Pumpkin-Pecan Cream Cheese Dip Ingredients: 8 ounces cream cheese 2

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Is Our Food Safe

Learn More About Pesticides: Is Our Food Safe?

Current agricultural practices incorporate pesticides to keep our fruits and vegetables safe against harmful pests, but just how safe are they for our family? Is our food safe? Let's learn more about pesticides. What is a Pesticide? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the definition of pesticides are “chemical compounds that are used to

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Chicken Enchiladas

Make Easy Chicken Enchiladas The Family Will Love

Chicken Enchiladas are sure to be a crowd favorite for your family, and they are super easy to make! You can tweak the recipe to suit your family's taste, and you can even use leftover chicken, turkey and veggies to add in! Look below for the recipe. Easy Chicken Enchiladas Submitted by: Sarah Malpeli, mom

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Foods You Don't Have to Refrigerate

11 Foods You Don’t Have to Refrigerate

Stop playing Tetris in your refrigerator. If space is looking tight, don’t throw it out—take it out. Contrary to popular practice, there are foods you don't have to refrigerate to keep them from going bad. Certain goods have natural ingredients or preservatives that slow down the time-to-trash clock. Here is a list of foods that

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