winter-proof gardens

Weeding Out the Weather: A Guide to Winter-Proof Gardens

While a Florida winter feels like a summer vacation in comparison to neighboring states, you don’t want a wilting winter wonderland. Plants freeze in some parts of North Central Florida if temperatures drop enough. Proper care makes all the difference for winter-proof gardens to survive and thrive during a cold snap. Prep your plants Although

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11 Ways to Save the Planet

Although Earth Day is April 22, our one and only planet should be cherished 365 per year. Teaching your children how to be environmentally conscious from a young age will not only help the planet now but as they grow up and have children of their own. It can also motivate you to maintain Earth-friendly

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pallet garden

DIY Herb Pallet Garden

As the days grow longer and the afternoon becomes perfect for outdoor time, revisiting your garden and sprucing up the backyard fall into the natural order of summer weekends. Repurposing, up-cycling and turning the vintage into the ultra awesome are all the rage these days, so why not take that theme to the garden with

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Waste Not, Want Not: Composting Your Way to a Happier Garden

Every day the average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste, according to the Duke University Center for Sustainability and Commerce. And of those 4.3 pounds, about 65 percent is made up of food scraps and yard waste — items that can instead be given new life in your garden through composting! Benefits of compost Aside

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IKEA Hacks: Making a Simple Window Herb Garden

By now many of us are well aware of this Swedish company IKEA that sells all kinds of home goods at a reasonable price. What you may not be aware of is there is a whole movement of people that have found ways of customizing or repurposing IKEA products, turning them into brilliant products that

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6 Ways to Teach Your Child to Garden

Veggie Lessons  When the small green tomato plant blossoms, the most beautiful thing you’ll experience is the smile on your child’s face. Gardening is an experience meant to grow curiosity and appreciation in a child’s budding mind!  Not only do children develop a green thumb, but they explore nature while cultivating a growing botany and

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