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Canned Food Month: Easy Canned Tuna Recipes

Desperate times call for eating tuna out of a can. But a little tin of fish may be the tasty staple you need for when you’re in a pinch or if you can't make to the store. These downright delectable canned tuna recipes won’t keep you cooped up in the kitchen any longer than you

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6 Snacks for the On-The-Go Parent!

Healthy snacks are so important for keeping Mommy and Daddy going. Good snacks provide vitamins and nutrients vital to keeping you ready to go at a moment’s notice when your little ones have recitals and soccer games. Here are six great snacks to keep your motor running. 1. Fruit Fruit is the perfect snack. It’s

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Treat Kitchen Burns

Learn How to Prevent and Treat Kitchen Burns

The kitchen can be a place of wonder, for both children and adults alike. Magnificent treats and savory snacks are whipped up in this section of the house, and cooking as a family can be a great source of fun. But, the kitchen is also dangerous. According to Stanford Children’s Health, the leading cause of

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banana smoothies

3 Banana Smoothies Your Kiddos Will Love

Do you have a kiddo who absolutely refuses to eat their veggies? Have you tried everything in the book to make them tolerate the taste? Well, don’t fret! Try our three banana smoothies with a hidden veggie that your kids are sure to love! They’re easy, fruity and delicious!   Green Machine Smoothie 1 ripe

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Get Rid of Smelly Sponges

In one week, I can smell it. A foul, musty, stinky stench lurking in the kitchen. Soon, I smell it on my hands and around the sink as I do the pile of dishes from the night before. Is it the garbage disposal? The dog under my feet? Nope, it’s the sponge. The very tool

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Seafood Dishes

Seafood Dishes That Are Kid & Mom Approved

Seafood is a superfood! It is packed with nutrients and healthy fats, like the omega-3 you can find in salmon, that keep you full all day long, and it is a great source of energy for your little rascals. However, sometimes it seems impossible to serve seafood to your children without them turning up their

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The Importance of Cooking with Your Kids

Inviting your kids into the kitchen is a great way to bond with them while teaching them important skills. Here are some important things to remember when it comes to cooking with kids! Encourage Them to get Their Hands Dirty It’s no secret that kids love to get messy, so why not let them get

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Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese

Are You Ready for Flaming Hot Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese?

The Frito-Lay brand has gone above and beyond with a new addition to the Cheetos family that we didn't know we needed. You can now try Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese in three favors: Bold & Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeño and *drum roll* Flamin' Hot! These items hit the Cheetos website over the weekend, and you can

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4 Mommy and Me Recipes That Are Fun, Easy and Delicious!

Looking for some fun mommy and me recipes? Get your kiddos in the kitchen to make something the whole family will enjoy! The best part is that everything you make will be made with love, Enjoy!   No-Bake CRUSHED COOKIE BARS Ingredients 1 package of chocolate sandwich cookies 1 bag of jumbo marshmallows 1/2 stick

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