Guacamole and limes next to scattered seasoning and a plate of chips

4 Last Minute Dip Recipes for Christmas

It’s the season of parties! Some festivities require potluck plates so save time during this busy season and bring a dip that everyone is sure to enjoy. Here are 4 dip recipes you should try this holiday season. Everything Bagel Dip All the flavor without the bagel! This quick and easy recipe is sure to

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Birthday Party

Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party Without Breaking the Bank

We completely understand the struggle of planning and executing a fun kid's birthday party on a budget. Thankfully, limited funds do not have to mean limited fun! There are lots of ways to cut back on cost, while still providing great memories for your kids. The most important thing to remember is that no one

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dance party

Throw A Dance Party At-Home!

When I think back on my childhood, my favorite memories are not the trips to Disney. I hardly remember my big birthday parties that my mom worked so hard to throw, and I couldn’t tell you a single present I got before the age of 15. But I can feel the nostalgia set in when

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Just a Light Shower: Hosting a Baby Sprinkle

Up until the last few years, baby showers were reserved just for celebrating your first pregnancy. The rules of etiquette only allowed a second shower if you were having your second child right on the heels of your first, requiring two of everything (two cribs, two high chairs, etc.) to accommodate both young ones, or

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