Make Mini-Planters Out of Plastic Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny will be leaving lots of eggs around the house soon! Our Easter egg craft will allow you to reuse and recycle them into adorable mini-planters for your kitchen and for spring time gifts. Round up those kids and get out your green thumb for these Mini-Planters made out of plastic Easter eggs!

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winter-proof gardens

Weeding Out the Weather: A Guide to Winter-Proof Gardens

While a Florida winter feels like a summer vacation in comparison to neighboring states, you don’t want a wilting winter wonderland. Plants freeze in some parts of North Central Florida if temperatures drop enough. Proper care makes all the difference for winter-proof gardens to survive and thrive during a cold snap. Prep your plants Although

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GROW HUB Spring Pop Up Shops

Join GROW HUB on the second Saturday of March, April, and May for their Spring Pop-Up Shop series! The event is free, outdoors, and fun for all ages! Shop from local vendors and enjoy an amazing selection of plants and art. They’ll also have live music, food, and kids activities!
Tabletop Garden

DIY Tabletop Garden

Creating a tabletop garden is the perfect way to unleash your child’s inner green thumb. Start by having them choose an assortment of low-maintenance house plants that will do well in natural light. Next have them choose fun pots or cups to replant them in. If you have some old coffee or teacups, these are

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planter pails

DIY Hanging Planter Pails

Calling all green-thumbed gardeners! Have you been looking for a fun way to brighten up your entryway? Well look no further! These quick do-it-yourself hanging planter pails are the perfect way to complete your garden. Supplies needed 2 metal pails, about 8 inches in diameter 2 coco liners, sized to fit in your pail Mini

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