Holiday Traditions Around the World

While each family has their own special holiday traditions (check out some in the #momhacks section!), many customs are cultural and specific to the region. When planning your next holiday celebration, consider adding some new cultural flair! Venezuela The South American city… read more

Tweens and Good Tidings Unite

 It’s present time!  Ahh… this is the best. As parents, we just love to see the joy and excitement our tots exude when they tear open those pristinely-wrapped gifts. They squeal and shriek over the newest Barbie®, LEGO® set or… read more

Local Christmas Tree Farms

Are you looking for that Christmas Vacation-esque experience of heading outdoors to get your Christmas tree? Here's a listing of some tree farms around the North Florida area. You won't have to trudge through snow to find one but you… read more

Hanukkah History and Traditions

The festival of lights, known as Hanukkah, is celebrated for eight days beginning on the 25th day of Kislev of the Hebrew calendar, which can occur anytime from late November to late December. The holiday commemorates the rededication of the… read more

Snack Foods For A Colorful Birthday Party!

Throw a colorful party for you little painter with these awesome party snacks! Here is how to craft these sweet treats. Picasso Pallets Ingredients: 24 chocolate chip cookies White buttercream icing Food coloring Directions: 1. Use mini circle cookie cutter… read more

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