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How to Get Your Child to Take Their Medicine

If you’ve got kids in school this fall, then your child has likely been hit by the bevy of germs living in schools and daycare centers. Fortunately, we have many medicines that can help our children heal or at least cope with these illnesses. But whether it’s a bad tasting liquid or a large capsule,

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Protect Your Skin From Face Mask Irritation!

Everyone's newest accessory, whether we want to wear them or not, is a face mask. You might have made one yourself, purchased one from an Etsy shop or were provided one for work, but ever since the CDC recommended they be worn at all times in public, you may have noticed your skin hasn't enjoyed

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UF Health

Learn How to Support UF Health Shands During COVID-19

If you have been wanting to help the Gainesville community, but want to give more than money, consider donating to UF Health Shands. They are accepting donations of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), food and funds to help keep their staff and patients healthy and safe. The medical field has been at a loss for supplies

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should you wear gloves

Should You Wear Gloves During COVID-19?

During COVID-19, we all want to do out best to protect ourselves and our families from getting sick. One way we can protect ourselves is by using personal protective equipment, like face masks, when going to the store or running essential errands. Recently, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding another type of personal

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Socail distancing

What is Social Distancing, and How Can it Keep Us Safe?

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting almost every part of our lives, it is so important that we take measures to protect ourselves and families from getting sick. There are multiple practices we can implement and continue, like hand-washing and not touching our faces, that are proven to keep us safer, but what about social distancing?

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ACPS is Offering a Second Round of Free Flu Shots

Alachua County Public Schools announced there will be an optional second round of flu shots offered in Alachua County schools due to the severity of this year’s flu virus.  The vaccination will be offered as a flu shot only. “As always, the shots are FREE, safe and will be administered at school during the school

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Everything You and Your Family Should Know About The Coronavirus

  While the Flu is still making its rounds around Gainesville and Alachua County, another illness has made national headlines. The coronavirus has quickly become one of the most talked about viruses in recent history, and with a good reason. According to Business Insider, the coronavirus has killed more people in the past 6 weeks

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Children and Febrile Seizures

By Tracy Wright For parents, especially those of infants, a child contracting a fever can be scary enough. If you add a seizure to that fever, it can be downright terrifying. It’s important for parents to understand seizures that accompany fevers, known as febrile seizures. A seizure is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the

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