swimmers ear

Tips for Treating Swimmer’s Ear

You know that annoying moment when you’re having a fun day at the pool and you jump out only to find that you have water stuck in your ear? You awkwardly shake your head around and whack your ear from the other side to get the water out, but no luck. Not only can the

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Getting Your Kids Involved in Triathlons

If you watched the Olympics last summer, you may have seen USA triathlete Katie Zaferes win bronze for the United States — or heard about crazy triathletes completing an Ironman in Hawaii. The sport can seem inaccessible, but triathlon is a great sport for your kids because it involves three different activities they already love!

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Future Olympian: Annabelle Davalos (Synchronized Swimming)

ANNABELLE DAVALOS AGE 10 How long have you been involved in synchronized swimming? I have been involved for two years. What do you like best about it? Synchro combines swimming with gymnastics, music, makeup, fashion and performing. I love all of these so much! Also, I love my teammates and how much time we get to spend together. We

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Free Things To Do In Gainesville

10 FREE Things To Do In Gainesville With Your Kiddos!

Whether you live in the swamp or are just visiting, Gainesville has a lot to offer to its people. It can become difficult to keep your kiddos occupied during these last days of summer while staying on a budget. Here are 10 free things to do in Gainesville with your kids! Due to COVID-19, make

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water safety tips

7 Water Safety Tips to Remember This Holiday Weekend

With Labor Day weekend coming up, you may be making some plans that include water activities with your kids. Summer is the perfect time to soak in the sun by a body of water! Participating in water activities is one of the best ways to spend the summer days with your kids, but it can

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