Tiny Titans Dinosaur Exhibit Extended

By Diane Hernandez

Meeting baby dinosaurs in dinosaur costumes used to seem like a fantasy — The Florida Museum of Natural History just made it a reality and extended your ability to check it out until Feb. 20. 

‘Tiny Titans’ opened on Sept. 25 and offerS visitors the chance to see real dinosaur bones and to participate in other activities, including interactive video presentations and hands-on stations. Due to popular demand, the museum decided to keep the display open until Feb. 20, instead of closing it on Jan. 9. 

Featuring more than 150 dinosaur eggs, the exhibit creates an opportunity for visitors to learn what life was like for dinosaur moms and their young through knowledge. 

The display includes five dinosaurs, which wait for visitors to come explore their lives. In the room, an herbivorous Ceratop, long-necked Sauropod and a carnivorous Therapod hatchling known as “Baby Louie ” sit.  

These species of dinosaurs are presented as fossils, art and in a Jurassic Period Playland, which offers kids the chance to dress up and learn about the critters. 

Through the experience, the exhibit aims and continues to hope to lead visitors to one conclusion: Dinosaurs were part of complex social groups and cared for their young. 

They were more complex than food-obsessed Godzilla-like creatures. 

Adults can explore ‘Tiny Titans’ for $8; Florida residents, seniors and non-University of Florida college students can do the same for $7. Admission for children ages 3 to 17 costs $5.50, and the exhibit is free to museum members and UF students with a valid Gator 1 card.


For more information, visit https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/exhibits/tiny-titans/ or call (352) 846-2000. 


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