Diane Hernandez

Is it Safe to Collect Feathers?

Don’t touch bird feathers -- we’ve all heard it. In the past, it was said that bird feathers carried disease, viruses and pathogens. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Is it safe to collect feathers? When walking down a trail with your… read more

President’s Day: 46 Facts for 46 Presidencies

Feb. 19 is President’s Day - a federal holiday that celebrates the February birthdays of former Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and the lives of all U.S. presidents! It was declared a federal holiday in 1879 by former President… read more

6 Ways to Teach Your Child to Garden

Veggie Lessons  When the small green tomato plant blossoms, the most beautiful thing you’ll experience is the smile on your child’s face. Gardening is an experience meant to grow curiosity and appreciation in a child’s budding mind!  Not only do… read more

The Truth About Oral Thrush

No one wants to see velvety white spots growing in their baby’s mouth. But, if you notice this sign, chances are your baby may have something called oral thrush. Noticing this might confuse and worry parents. But oral thrush is extremely common… read more

Explore a Working Dairy Farm

Donuts, cakes, cookies and alfredo sauce -- what do these all have in common?  All items use milk-related products! In fact, name one item that doesn’t contain milk -- I’ll wait. Cow milk is one of the most common ingredients… read more

Midwives – What Do They Do? 

When I turned 18, I walked into a gynecologist’s office for the first time. The clinic lights shone bright and white. The room smelled sanitized and clean. Footsteps on the ground tapped outside in the hallway. The chair underneath me… read more

Get With the Groove: Kids’ Slang Terms

Language evolves. Language changes. Language reflects. Children, especially those with access to TikTok, understand this. They emulate new phrases. They change. They evolve. They create.  So, if you don’t spend 5 hours scrolling through TikTok or Instagram each day, you… read more

Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black Health and Wellness Black History Month starts in February and ends with you! Learning about African American contributions is as easy as strolling through your local public library or quickly typing “Black History” into your favorite search engine!… read more