Repairing a Cut Wire With a Few Simple Steps

By Lindsey Johnson

Ever have a wire in the yard that seems to jump under the lawn mower and split time and time again? We have a few handy tips for repairing this mishap. It’s easier than you might think!

If Wire is Fine, Bury It

If the cut wire is in the yard and getting nicked by the lawn mower or weed whacker, be sure to dig deeper to bury the wire a few inches lower in the ground. Burying the wire four to six inches underground will usually keep the wire safe. Cover it fully with dirt and grass or mulch to keep it protected from further damage.

If Damaged, Repair It

To perform this quick DIY fix, you will need only a few supplies: a wire stripper and a wire nut. Consult the packaging of the wire nuts to determine the right item for your project. The right nut will depend on the size, number and type of wire you’re connecting. You will want to ensure you get the right size to form the best connection. Poor connections can also lead to fires, so take time to select the right one.

The first step is to turn off the breaker to the source you will be repairing. Make sure there is no electricity going to that circuit.

1. When you have assembled your tools, use the wire stripper to cut down and expose approximately 1/2” of
wire from the insulation on both pieces.

2. Hold the two ends together, twisting the wires a few turns to secure

3. Screw the wire nut over them until it bottoms out and the wires twist over each other.

4. Give a gentle tug on the wire nut when it feels tight and won’t turn another revolution. This will ensure good, strong contact with both wires.

If one of the wires pulls free, do not worry. Remove the wire nut and start over, this time adding a few more twists to the wires before screwing down the wire nut.

Return power to the breaker and check the functioning of the lights or item that was cut. If power has been successfully restored, it is time to bury the wire. Take caution that the wire is not placed at an angle that could cause the wire nut to come loose.

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With just a few simple steps and a few dollars, this is one home repair that anyone can tackle.

Giggle Tip: If you aren’t sure where to start with your repair, contact an electrician before beginning.


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