Submit Your Kiddos’ Back-to-School Photos!

Now that students are going to back to school, it's time for back-to-school photos! Snap a photo of your kiddo, PreK to college,  on their first day of school, and send it in to be featured in Giggle Magazine! Just fill out the form below! [gravityform id="85" title="true" description="true"]
Encourage Good Handwriting

The Write Stuff: How to Encourage Good Handwriting

Learning how to write is a struggle, for both the kids and the parents! Kids have to learn to hold a pencil with “pinchy fingers,” keep their hands and shoulders steady and leave spaces between words. Parents have to learn how to have patience with beginning writers, avoid placing pressure on or rushing their children

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Alachua County Public Schools 2022-23 School Calendar

The School Board approved the 2022-23 Alachua County Public School (ACPS) calendar on Feb. 15. The calendar indicates that ACPS Spring Break aligns with that of the University of Florida (UF). The Spring Breaks are planned to begin on March 13 until the 17th in 2023. This would be a week earlier than the break

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GHS Student Scores Top 15 Spot in Climate Change Competition

Gainesville High School (GHS) student David Cagle placed among the top 15 in a climate change competition on October 23, 2021. Cagle, a junior at GHS, and his out-of-state partner Jackson Parrott, worked together virtually to compete in the tournament-style Climate Science Olympiad. The Olympiad is a problem-solving tournament in which youths, aged 14-25, find

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ACPS Offers New Scholarship Search

The search for college scholarships can be daunting due to the sheer amount that exist, but the district is offering a service to make the process easier for students and their families. Thanks to the new agreement between Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) and a free service called Going Merry, students now have an efficient

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SF Achieve Helps Students Get to College

Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) has partnered with Santa Fe (SF) College to help high school students prepare for college. The SF Achieve Program has team members from Santa Fe College located at ACPS high schools to help guide students in applying for college, offering scholarships, mentoring and even money towards books. SF Achieve is

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pile of masks

Temporary Mask Mandate for ACPS Employees, Vendors and Visitors

According to a press release sent out by the Alachua County Public Schools on Monday August 2, 2021, masks will be temporarily required for Alachua County Public School employees, vendors and visitors to district facilities. This is due in large part to the rapidly rising rate of COVID cases in the community and among employees.

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Social Isolation

The Pandemic Effect: How Social Isolation Affects Young Children

It’s no doubt that 2020 and the impact of COVID-19 has affected virtually every person on the planet. For infants and children under 2, the influence of the pandemic may not be very apparent as their routines likely didn’t change and they won’t remember it in the future. But what about toddlers and young preschoolers?

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COVID Vaccine Clinic

ACPS Held COVID Vaccine Clinic for 65-and-Older Employees

Today, January 15, Alachua County Public Schools held a COVID vaccine clinic for ACPS employees who were 65 years old or older. More clinics will be held in the future as the ACPS works with UF Health. There were 210 spots available for getting the vaccine, and employees who were eligible were contacted prior to

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ACPS rezoning

ACPS Rezoning Update and New Terwilliger Elementary Location

After a special rezoning meeting yesterday, January 13, Alachua County Public School (ACPS) has decided that Terwilliger Elementary School will move into the new Elementary School I, and district-wide ACPS rezoning will hopefully be completed by fall 2022. According to Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon in an email to families, this is the first step in

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