Computer Programming and Coding

Should Your Kiddos Learn Computer Programming and Coding?

English, history, science and math are typical subjects your kids take in school. But now, there is a new course to add to their curriculum — computer programming and coding. That’s right. Starting as early as kindergarten, kids are learning to program computers. Either through apps, games or lesson plans from programming companies, coding education

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Choosing the Best Homeschool Curriculum

As we look forward to the end of the school year, it’s only natural for homeschooling families to start planning for the next. It’s often during this time that we begin our annual evaluations and reflect upon what worked well and what didn’t. It’s a natural time to start planning for the next school year

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Teaching Critical Thinking

Thinking is how we move from one action to the next, form coherent sentences that we use to communicate to determining what to wear. However, our thinking is shaped by our lives and the ideologies we live within (such as our political, religious or fiscal associations) and our thoughts and processes of thinking are often

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Snail and Gnome Halloween

DIY Snail and Gnome Halloween Costume

Looked for some super easy costumes to make for you kiddos? How about a matching set? These matching Snail and Gnome Halloween costumes are so cute, and they can be made with things that you already have at home! DIY Snail White or cream-colored dress Headband with paper bug antennas Brown craft paper Sandals or

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Homeschooling and Scouting: An Inexpensive Curriculum Even for Non-Scouts

No one loves a good deal quite like a homeschooler. Perhaps it’s because so many of us are single-income families, entrepreneurs, or want to turn everything into a learning opportunity, but we tend to jump at low-cost, high-quality curricular options. When we started homeschooling, scouting was an obvious place to turn. WHAT ARE SCOUTING MERIT BADGES?

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Make Potty Training a Breeze With These Tips

When my boys started to show signs of being ready to be potty trained, we did what every parent of little boys did. We let them run around diaper-less in the fenced-in backyard and let them just go! They were amazed to see what happened when they had to go! “Wow... look at that mommy!”

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Fresh Air Near Gainesville

5 of the Best Places to Get Fresh Air Near Gainesville

Those who have called Gainesville home for more than four years know that The Swamp is home to more than just the university, football team and the entertainment scene along University Avenue. Gainesville and its surrounding towns are home to numerous gems of nature. From springs, to rivers and lakes, to prairies and plains, there’s

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Homeschool on a Budget

Can You Homeschool on a Budget?

Homeschooling rates have been on the rise for years. As the pandemic hit, more families found themselves homeschooling, and more families found themselves tight on money. This isn’t a new issue for homeschoolers. Often, homeschooling families are single income families. We also tend to be fairly frugal as a group (unless you’re at a homeschool

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playing cards

Help Your Kiddos Practice Math With Playing Cards

Now that the summer is here, it is important that your kiddo doesn't fall into the "summer slide." The summer slide refers to the period of time during the summer when many students experience learning loss or loose valuable knowledge that they learned in the year before. This slide could become worse with COVID-19 being

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cookie monster

Let Your Little One Learn From Home With Cookie Monster!

Among all of the celebrities currently trying to help us and our kiddos pass the time in quarantine, one of the most exciting ones might be Cookie Monster himself! On March 31, Sesame Street started airing a new series on their YouTube channel called "Cookie Monster Snack Chat," where the fluffy blue monster talks to

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