Olivia Pitkenthly

How to Stop Your Child From Swearing

There’s nothing like hearing your child curse to make you cringe in horror. The first time I heard my daughter utter a four-letter word, I was in shock. Where did she learn this? It didn’t take long for me to… read more

How to Keep Safe Around Fire Pits

With cooler temperatures comes the desire to toast a few marshmallows and relax by a warm fire. However, make sure your safety measures aren’t too relaxed. Fire pits have caused nearly 3,700 grass and brush fires in the U.S. Keep… read more

Girl and boy playing video games

Helping Your Tween Conquer Video Game Addiction

Pac-Man, Mario Bros., Tetris. Video games have changed since we were kids. Now, there are first-person games, multi-player online role playing games and multi-user domain games. Kids today can play online with people across the world or watch others playing… read more

Homework supplies

5 Tips for Making Homework Feel Less Like Work

According to “Homework In America,” a 2014 Brown Center Report on American Education, homework for students in third grade through twelve takes an average of one hour per night and rarely exceeds two hours per night. I doubt they factored… read more

nighttime fears

Help Your Child Cope With Nighttime Fears

Monsters, darkness and ghosts are among the top 10 fears of children, according to “Fears Stress and Trauma: Helping Children Cope” by Edward Robinson. In his book, Robinson reports that these nighttime fears are a normal part of a child’s… read more

Balancing Your Parenting Technique

Children do not come with an instruction manual. For some parents, not having a formula or a guidebook to teach them how to manage their children causes a lot of anxiety and thus causes parents to create their own manual.… read more