Hello, Baby! When Should I Take My Baby Out in Public?

Knowing when to introduce your baby to the world can be tricky, especially for first-time parents. You worry about their immune systems and if they will be able to fight off common germs. You also worry about strangers putting unwashed hands on your baby. These are all valid concerns, but doctors say that ultimately it

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Halloween Candies

Which Halloween Candies Should You Be Eating to Stay Healthy?

Halloween is scary, but not always because of the monsters and ghosts! Kids bring home the scariest thing of all in their trick-or-treat baskets – CANDY! Not only can it be temping for your kids to over-indulge in their sweet finds, but it can also be temping for moms and dads to sneak a few

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Delayed Cord Clamping

The terrible twos, the angsty teens, the homesick college student. Parents often look to the clock to characterize the milestones in their children’s life. They spend 18 years nurturing their kin, desperate for them to grow out of their diaper stage yet dread them growing into their licensed-driver era. This time is important. It defines

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bonding over bath time

Bonding Over Bath Time

It’s commonly known that physical touch between a baby and his parents provides many benefits, but did you know that bath time can be rewarding, too? Set aside the stress of a bath time ritual by organizing and planning in advance to make this a special bonding opportunity. Bath time for babies can be both

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How to Get Your Child to Take Their Medicine

If you’ve got kids in school this fall, then your child has likely been hit by the bevy of germs living in schools and daycare centers. Fortunately, we have many medicines that can help our children heal or at least cope with these illnesses. But whether it’s a bad tasting liquid or a large capsule,

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Newborn Jaundice: Should I Be Worried?

Jaundice is caused by an excess amount of bilirubin in the baby's blood. Bilirubin is a yellow pigment in red blood cells, and if your new baby’s liver can’t remove the bilirubin from the blood, the yellow pigment will present on the skin. In a newborn, jaundice will cause a yellow discoloration of the skin

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The Truth About Oral Thrush

No one wants to see velvety white spots growing in their baby’s mouth. But, if you notice this sign, chances are your baby may have something called oral thrush. Noticing this might confuse and worry parents. But oral thrush is extremely common and easily treated. One in 7 babies will actually experience oral thrush according to Patient.com.

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Hot Car Fatalities

Keep Your Family Safe from Hot Car Fatalities

It is something we hear on the news, but none of us ever imagine that it could happen to our own families. Although many of us think we would never make this fatal mistake, a simple change in routine or a distracted mind are often the most common culprits in hot car fatalities. Because no

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Plagiocephaly: Why Some Babies Develop Flat Spots and What to Do About It

Plagiocephaly is the medical term to describe a attened area on a baby’s skull. This condition is sometimes referred to by physicians as “Flat Head Syndrome” and may impact up to 46% of healthy infants, according to Boston Children’s Hospital. History In 1992, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) began recommending back sleeping in order

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