banana smoothies

3 Banana Smoothies Your Kiddos Will Love

Do you have a kiddo who absolutely refuses to eat their veggies? Have you tried everything in the book to make them tolerate the taste? Well, don’t fret! Try our three banana smoothies with a hidden veggie that your kids are sure to love! They’re easy, fruity and delicious!   Green Machine Smoothie 1 ripe

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Back-to-School Blues

Put a Stop to Back-to-School Blues!

Another summer break is wrapping up and it’s time to lie out the children’s finely pressed uniforms and sit in the morning traffic. Everything seems to be as fine as it can be in the middle of a pandemic. And then, as the alarm goes off on that first day of school, you know in

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whipped coffee

Make Whipped Coffee, the Latest Internet Trend!

If you have spent any time on Tik Tok recently, whether it be your account or your kiddo's, you might have seen a new coffee trend that is taking over the internet. It's calling whipped coffee, and it might be the best thing since sliced bread. This drink, while new to us, has actually been

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Teach Your Kiddos to Meditate with These Easy Tips!

It's always important to find ways to cope and keep your head calm. One great way to do this is to teach your kiddos to meditate! If your child is worried about a test, a concert performance or even a big game, then meditation could be a beneficial solution for them! If you’re thinking, “that

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DIY Your Own Graduation Pictures!

Graduation is upon us and what an amazing accomplishment to capture!  If you don't have access to a photographer to get graduation photo's made, we have some tips for DIY graduation pictures that will let your graduate shine! Lighting: To capture the perfect graduation pictures, you don't need any fancy equipment or lighting setups, all

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Teaching Inclusion to Our Children

Teaching Inclusion to Our Children Starts at Home

By sheer definition, as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word inclusion means “the act of including,” and to add on to that, “the act or practice of including and accommodating people who have historically been excluded.” Teaching inclusion to our children is so important, and it should start at home. It seems so

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8 Sew-Free Halloween Costumes!

Have you always wanted to make your kiddo's Halloween costume but the thought of having to sew it together stopped you in your tracks? Have no fear! We have your Sew-Free Halloween costumes here! These simple and fun costumes can be made from items out of your craft closet, old clothes and some creativity... oh

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How To Make a Campsite in Your Living Room

Does all this rain have you and the kiddos stuck inside?  Bring the fun of the outdoors inside with sleeping bags, flashlights, campfire stories and s'mores! Making a campsite in your living room is super easy and is sure to make everyone forget about the craziness of the outside world at least for a night.

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natural paint

Learn How To Make Natural Paint With Strawberries!

It's strawberry season! And what better way to celebrate berry season than by crafting with to make you and your kiddos feel more connected with nature. Try painting the old fashioned way — make natural paint with berries! How To Make Berry Natural Paint Supplies: strawberries salt vinegar bowl strainer paintbrushes paper Directions:  Visit your

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COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Facts and Info for Those Over 65

As the COVID-19 vaccine gets distributed to hospitals, you may have some questions about the vaccine and who can receive it. We have some fast facts that you can reference, and we have information for how to get the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for those 65 and older. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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