Instructions for Your Babysitter

Top 10 Must-Have Instructions for Your Babysitter

Every parent knows a good babysitter is hard to find. We’ve compiled a list of must-have instructions for your babysitter to ensure a good experience for everyone. 1. Give the babysitter your cell phone numbers and tell her if she should call or text. Also provide an emergency contact name and number, such as a

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Teach Your Kiddos to Meditate with These Easy Tips!

It's always important to find ways to cope and keep your head calm. One great way to do this is to teach your kiddos to meditate! If your child is worried about a test, a concert performance or even a big game, then meditation could be a beneficial solution for them! If you’re thinking, “that

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watermelon festival

The Annual Newberry Watermelon Festival is Happening This Weekend!

The Newberry Watermelon Festival is an old tradition in Newberry, 78 years old to be exact! This year, the festival will held on  Saturday, May 20, as the small town comes together for the 78th time! At the Newberry Watermelon Festival, you can expect live entertainment, vendors, food trucks, kids' activities and lots of watermelons!

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high school graduate

We Want to Celebrate Your High School Graduate!

Giggle Magazine wants to make sure that your high school graduate feels extra special for all they have accomplished this year. If you have a graduating senior, from any surrounding community, who you would like to honor, please complete the form below. We will be proudly showcasing them in our "Senior Spotlight" section in the

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white vinegar

Natural Cleaning With White Vinegar

Are you sick of that nasty carpet stain in the living room? Has your china lost its shine? Are you fed up with the mildew that has been accumulating between the tiles on your bathroom walls? Finding it impossible to remove the water stains from your shower doors? Cleaning with white vinegar can fix all

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Mom Should Do For Herself

8 Things Every Mom Should Do For Herself

Let’s face it, being a mom can be really tough for a number of reasons. We spend so much time taking care of our significant others, kids and pets that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Moms need to get away and splurge on themselves every now and then. Here are the eight

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Teaching Critical Thinking

Thinking is how we move from one action to the next, form coherent sentences that we use to communicate to determining what to wear. However, our thinking is shaped by our lives and the ideologies we live within (such as our political, religious or fiscal associations) and our thoughts and processes of thinking are often

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sleep training

Learn More About Sleep Training Your Child

When we had our first child, my husband and I were clueless about most everything baby-related. After a few months of being completely overwhelmed and exhausted, I was desperate to find that elusive thing that evades most parents of newborns—SLEEP. We all hear during our pregnancy “to get your sleep now,” but until you actually

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