child sleeping enough

Is My Child Sleeping Enough?

Whether you are an infant, adult or senior, sleep is an essential part of living. Sleeping allows a person’s body to recuperate from the stress and exhaustion of the prior day. A good way of viewing sleep is like a period at the end of a very long sentence. However, the question is, how much

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Do You Have a Favorite Child?

Ross and Monica Gellar are the rival siblings of our generation. The TV sitcom “Friends” depicted Ross as the favorite child, a “medical miracle,” who could do no wrong in his parents’ eyes. Monica was often criticized for her appearance, her cooking and her romantic relationships. Much research about sibling rivalry has been conducted since

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perfect beach day

Tips for the Perfect Family Beach Day

Who doesn’t love the sand in their toes, the sun on their face and the smell of the fresh salty air? Whether you are going to the beach for a day or for a week, there are some things you need to know to make your beach trip a success! We have some fun tips

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Eye of hurricane

The Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Continues Through June 14

The Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday began June 1 and will continue through June 14. In order to supply some relief for Floridians as we approach hurricane season, this holiday was created to provide a small discount on items you can buy to prepare for Florida’s hurricane season which started June 1. It is

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Preparing Your Family for Hurricane Season

Preparing your family for hurricane season is here! Florida hurricane season runs from June 1 through the end of November, with the high season occurring in August and September. Before the Storm Bill Quinlan, a meteorologist on WCJB TV20’s weather team, insists that although North Central Florida may not see a lot of hurricane action,

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Sidewalk Chalk: Creativity Without The Mess!

Sidewalk chalk! The ultimate crafting medium that isn't super messy and can wash off of ~pretty much~ anything! Here are some crafts that involve sidewalk chalk to keep your kiddos busy if they are bored from all this social distancing! Gather Your Supplies! Glitter Sidewalk Chalk Colorations Sidewalk Chalk Crayola Washable Chalk Draw Yourself Challenge

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free meals for kids in alachua county

ACPS Starts the Free Summer Meals Program Next Week

Alachua County Public Schools will be providing meals to families over the summer now that school is officially out with the Free Summer Meals program. Beginning June 3 and continuing through the summer until July 26, the district’s free grab and go meals distribution will be available, according to the Alachua County Public Schools Food

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Beach Safety Tips for This Summer

The beach can be a wonderful place to relax and unwind with the family, but it is always best to learn and practice beach safety to make sure your vacation goes on without a hitch! Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the beach! First Aid Kit It is always good to

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