How to Navigate Your Tween Through a Break Up

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, today the average age that kids start dating is 12 and a half for girls, and 13 and a half for boys. In addition, the dating scene for many of these tweens consists of talking, group dates, texting and social gatherings. It can be normal to be “dating”

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sibling rivalry

National Sibling Day: How To Handle Sibling Rivalry

April 10 is National Sibling Day! Having siblings can be one of the biggest blessings, and the same goes for being the parents of siblings. Watching your children interact together and build strong relationships together is amazing, but sometimes sibling rivalries can create temporary obstacles as your children grow up with each other. If your

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Tween's Privacy and Safety

Dear Diary: Balancing Your Tween’s Privacy and Safety

Somewhere between elementary and middle school, your tween will stop talking to you. One day she might have been giving you every last detail of the latest gossip at school, and the next day she completely shut down, giving only single-word responses to your questions. It is frustrating as a parent, but this is normal

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Tweens and Shaving

Tweens and Shaving: Tips for A Smooth Experience

The tween years are full of ups, downs and major body changes. New body odors, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, growth spurts and, last but not least, body hair, can all be expected. Talking to your child about when and how to start shaving will vary for every child, but it’s important to learn some tips

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swimmers ear

Tips for Treating Swimmer’s Ear

You know that annoying moment when you’re having a fun day at the pool and you jump out only to find that you have water stuck in your ear? You awkwardly shake your head around and whack your ear from the other side to get the water out, but no luck. Not only can the

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Sidewalk Chalk: Creativity Without The Mess!

Sidewalk chalk! The ultimate crafting medium that isn't super messy and can wash off of ~pretty much~ anything! Here are some crafts that involve sidewalk chalk to keep your kiddos busy if they are bored from all this social distancing! Draw Yourself Challenge Armed with chalk in an assortment of colors, take your kiddos out

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pallet garden

DIY Herb Pallet Garden

As the days grow longer and the afternoon becomes perfect for outdoor time, revisiting your garden and sprucing up the backyard fall into the natural order of summer weekends. Repurposing, up-cycling and turning the vintage into the ultra awesome are all the rage these days, so why not take that theme to the garden with

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kid with money

Teach Your Kiddos How To Start Saving for Retirement

Most of us know the younger we are when we start saving for our retirement, the more money we will have when it’s actually time to retire. But, what some of us may not consider is encouraging our children to begin saving for retirement. According to the AARP, In the past, advisers have recommended having

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kids crafts

Easy Kid’s Crafts to Make From At-Home Supplies!

There are so many hours to fill in a day, especially during the spring, holiday or summer break, that we bet you’re contemplating just parking your kids in front of the TV for a Paw Patrol marathon and calling it a day. While every family has different needs and wants for their kids during summertime

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