Updated School Calendar

ACPS Posts Updated School Calendar

Today  Alachua County Public Schools released the calendar for the 2024-2025 school year. That means time to updated those family calendars with all the important school dates and vacations times. This updated calendar reflects the current start date for all Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) which will be August 12. The last day of school

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Thanksgiving Hacks

#MomHacks: Thanksgiving Hacks to Save the Day!

We all know that the hardest job you can have is being a mom! The days are definitely long and the years are astonishingly short and some days you might feel like you’re going through the struggles alone. But, we are here! To share in the good, the bad, and the moments when all you

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Mom Emergency Car Kit

Everything You Need For Your Mom Emergency Car Kit

You know the drill: you rush to get out of the house, you jump in the car with your little ones, and halfway to your destination you realize you forgot half of what you needed. In the midst of your chaos and remembering everything you have forgotten, someone spills something all over the back seat.

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Halloween Party Favor

4 Spooky Halloween Party Favor Ideas

Halloween is tomorrow! While you are scrambling to pull together the last details for Halloween plans, do not forget to include a Halloween party favor for your guests. Whether it is store-bought or homemade, everyone appreciates a small parting gift. Here are four party favor idea that will send your guests away with a smile.

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Common Cold or Allergies

I Can’t Stop Sneezing: Common Cold or Allergies?

It’s that time of year when your nose turns red, you can’t stop sniffling, and everywhere you go you carry hand sanitizer. Seemingly, everyone during this time of year has the sniffles, keeping on-the-go Kleenex with them at all times. And, more likely than not, these people pass off their symptoms as just another cold,

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medicine cabinet

22 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

The medicine cabinet are the handiest place to keep your family’s daily essentials. Of course, you’ll want to keep your toothpaste, dental floss and body lotion in your medicine cabinet. But depending on the ages and needs of your growing family, there are a plethora of other specific products that we consider medicine cabinet must-haves.

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bento box

Easy Bento Box Combinations to Make Lunchtime Fun!

Bento lunches are some of our favorites! You can mix and match small portions of healthy snacks and options to give your kiddos bento box combinations that are well-balanced and yummy, making them the hit of the lunch room. Related articles: 22 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves Get The Recipe For Carmen’s Quick Mexican Chicken
middle school

Middle School Success: Getting Your Middle Schooler Prepared

You have done the tours and you have met the teachers. Now, with only a few days to go until your kiddo’s first day of middle school, how do we parents make sure the transition from elementary school is a smooth one? Listen with intent Do not dismiss your child’s feelings. Going from the top

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