Snow Globe Crafts

Cute Snow Globe Crafts To Make With Your Kids!

Bring a little winter wonderland inside with these cute and easy-to-make Snow Globe Crafts. Fun for kids of all ages, with a little imagination and some cute details, the ideas are endless! What You'll Need: Mini trees (available at Michaels) Plastic or ceramic figurines Glass jar Acrylic paint (optional) Sandpaper Clear-drying epoxy Glitter Glycerin What

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bird feeders

Make These Easy DIY Bird Feeders

One of the best things about spring-time is being able to hear the birds chirping outside. Make your yard more inviting to our flying friends by making a bird feeder! Reuse your leftover plastic Easter eggs to make these easy DIY Bird Feeders! DIY Bird Feeders What you'll need: Plastic eggs String Peanut butter Birdseed

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felt flowers

Need An Easy Craft? Try Felt Flowers!

Looking for an easy craft to try this week? Try felt flowers! This craft requires only felt, hot glue and scissors, perfect for your older kiddos. Add these felt flowers to wreaths, headbands, bouquets and picture frames. Get creative! *this craft requires scissors and hot glue, so supervise younger children*  Rosebuds Cut felt into large,

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Holiday Keepsake: Salt Dough Ornaments

Spend some time connecting with the kids this season by making these fun ornament keepsakes. Kids of any age can help with this fun project. Make them for your own tree or as gifts for family, friends or teachers! Materials: All-purpose flour Iodized salt Water Polyurethane spray or mod podge String Straw Cookie cutters Acrylic

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Sippin' Snowmen Mugs

Make DIY Sippin’ Snowmen Mugs!

If you are staying in Florida for the holidays, you won't be seeing the snow fall, but you can always craft it. Make these DIY Sippin' Snowmen Mugs this season! Sippin' Snowmen Mugs SUPPLIES White mugs Oil based sharpies (black & orange) INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Draw your snowmen and snow-women with the oil based markers.

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star wars day

Make These DIY Lightsabers for Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars day everyone! Quarantine has put a damper on birthdays, holidays and graduations already, but this is one day where our usual celebration can stay mostly the same. We can still enjoy an all-day movie marathon, Star Wars themed snacks and getting out the lightsabers we have

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Easter egg matching games

Use Left Over Easter Eggs to Make Matching Games

Plastic Easter eggs can be used for so many things, and one way to recycle them is to use them to make matching games! Look below to learn how to make them! Matching Games Teach your kiddos their uppercase and lowercase letters with this DIY learning game! You can also extend this idea to telling

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