memorial day

Gainesville Memorial Day Events and Activities

With Memorial Day weekend approaching, we have put together a list of Gainesville Memorial Day events and activities! Florida Folk Festival Friday, May 24 -Sunday, May 2610 a.m.Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park This three-day event celebrates the music, dance, stories, crafts and food that make Florida the place we love! There will be

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watermelon festival

The Annual Newberry Watermelon Festival is This Weekend!

The Newberry Watermelon Festival is an old tradition in Newberry, 79 years old to be exact! This year, the festival will held on  Saturday, May 18, as the small town comes together for the 79th time! At the Newberry Watermelon Festival, you can expect live entertainment, vendors, food trucks, kids' activities and lots of watermelons!

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child sleeping enough

Is My Child Sleeping Enough?

Whether you are an infant, adult or senior, sleep is an essential part of living. Sleeping allows a person’s body to recuperate from the stress and exhaustion of the prior day. A good way of viewing sleep is like a period at the end of a very long sentence. However, the question is, how much

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Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating: What It Is and How to Avoid it

Bodies need nourishment. Food and water provide fuel for bodily processes and activities, and we must replenish our supply daily. Individual body makeup along with activity level determines what you need to sustain yourself and maintain a healthy weight. While we know intellectually that we need food to thrive, sometimes food can hold power over

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elijah cup

Make This Elijah’s Cup Craft For Passover

Here is an Elijah's Cup craft for your kiddos that they can use during Passover. Help your kids make their very own Elijah's Cup decorated with yarn! Elijah's Cup Supplies Plastic drinking cup with a stem Yarn in various colors craft glue or hot glue Beads, glitter or sequins Disposable Stemmed Glasses Directions To start

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baby succulent

Make Your Home Earth-Friendly for Earth Day!

Earth Day is on April 22! Cleaning up the Earth can start right at home. Make your home earth friendly with some simple fixes that will cut down on your ecological footprint and help clean our motherland. Stop Buying Disposable Products The impact that we have on the environment, or our ecological footprint, can be

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5 Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Camp

As the summer season approaches, parents begin to worry about where their child is going to be spending the summer. Most typical jobs work through the summer and a lot of parents face leaving their older kids home alone until they can finish the workday. Well, we're here to share with you benefits of sending

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Baby Has a Cough

What To Do When Your Baby Has a Cough

Coughing is a natural reflex the body uses to clear the lungs and airways. But when a baby has a cough, a parent’s first instinct is often to worry. Sometimes a cough is just a cough, and other times it calls for a trip to the doctor. Understanding what causes coughing and the different types

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Easter Egg Hunts and Events in Alachua County

Are you searching for Easter egg hunts in Alachua County for your children to enjoy this spring? Look no further! Here are all the Alachua County Easter egg hunts your kids will love! Magnolia Ridge Rehabilitation Community Easter Egg Hunt Thursday, March 215 – 7 p.m.6517 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32606 Come out to

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