Pawsitive Pet Chores

Pawsitive Pet Chores Your Children Can Learn From

Feb. 20 is National Love Your Pet Day! Do you feel it is about time your child adopted a sense of responsibility? If so, there’s no better opportunity than adopting a pet! Children enter a new realm of responsibility at this age. They no longer need someone to tie their shoes or clean up after

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Updated School Calendar

ACPS Posts Updated School Calendar

Today  Alachua County Public Schools released the calendar for the 2024-2025 school year. That means time to updated those family calendars with all the important school dates and vacations times. This updated calendar reflects the current start date for all Alachua County Public Schools (ACPS) which will be August 12. The last day of school

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Computer Programming and Coding

Should Your Kiddos Learn Computer Programming and Coding?

English, history, science and math are typical subjects your kids take in school. But now, there is a new course to add to their curriculum — computer programming and coding. That’s right. Starting as early as kindergarten, kids are learning to program computers. Either through apps, games or lesson plans from programming companies, coding education

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How To Maintain a Happy Home With an Empty Nest

In the fall of 2019, approximately 9.9 million students attended colleges and universities, and 70% of them chose a school within a 2-hour drive of their home. Coincidence? I think not! While some parents rejoice in their new freedom, some dread the day they experience sending their child off to college or when they move

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4 Tips for Healthy Cafeteria Lunches

Candy, chips and other tasty but not-so-healthy foods are appealing to people of all ages – especially children.  If your child doesn’t bring a lunch to school, they get the freedom to choose what they want to eat in the school cafeteria. The lunch line leaves the fate of nutrition in the hands of your

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Teaching Them Playground Etiquette

At 6 years of age, I ventured onto a cold school playground in Hartford, Connecticut. The mulch was red underneath my small Puma shoes, and I stared at the lack of leaves in the oak trees. To be honest — I was scared. Everyone knew their way around the playground. I didn’t. So, I decided

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middle school

Middle School Success: Getting Your Middle Schooler Prepared

You have done the tours and you have met the teachers. Now, with only a few days to go until your kiddo’s first day of middle school, how do we parents make sure the transition from elementary school is a smooth one? Listen with intent Do not dismiss your child’s feelings. Going from the top

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