Halloween Candies

Which Halloween Candies Should You Be Eating to Stay Healthy?

Halloween is scary, but not always because of the monsters and ghosts! Kids bring home the scariest thing of all in their trick-or-treat baskets – CANDY! Not only can it be temping for your kids to over-indulge in their sweet finds, but it can also be temping for moms and dads to sneak a few

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Leftover Halloween Candy

15 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy!

When you have three kids, multiple Halloween parties to attend and an all-nighter filled with trick-or-treating, the piles of sweet treats do just that. Pile up! So, after I do my duty of safety checking and separating the piles of 'you eat that,' 'I eat this,' and our sweet tooth’s have been satisfied until next

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No-Sew Witch Tutu

DIY No-Sew Witch Tutu (and Broomstick!)

Make this adorable no-sew witch tutu  and broom stick to complete your little witch's costume this year! You may even have most of the supplies already at your house! No-Sew Witch Tutu   You'll need: Tutu Crochet elastic ribbon or a premade crochet headband Four to five spools of Black 3" Matte Tulle, 25 feet

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Encourage Good Handwriting

The Write Stuff: How to Encourage Good Handwriting

Learning how to write is a struggle, for both the kids and the parents! Kids have to learn to hold a pencil with “pinchy fingers,” keep their hands and shoulders steady and leave spaces between words. Parents have to learn how to have patience with beginning writers, avoid placing pressure on or rushing their children

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bento box

Easy Bento Box Combinations to Make Lunchtime Fun!

Bento lunches are some of our favorites! You can mix and match small portions of healthy snacks and options to give your kiddos bento box combinations that are well-balanced and yummy, making them the hit of the lunch room. Related articles: ACPS Posts Video To Explain COVID-19 Safety Procedures 22 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves Get The

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celebrate easter

Celebrate Easter At Home With These Crafts and Activities!

As Easter Sunday approaches, it's no surprise that the holiday will look a little different this year. Usually categorized by brunch with family, Easter egg hunts for the kids and enough pastel clothing to go around, families are going to have to get creative with how they celebrate. Whether it’s getting crafty with DIY decorations

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Help Your Kiddos Burn Off Afternoon Energy

Kiddos can harbor a lot of excess energy. With school back in session, you know that your children will come home ready to let loose...after they finish their homework of course. So how can you help them burn off energy in a positive way? We've got some ideas. Kiddie Cardio Incorporating exercises into your kiddo's

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Fresh Air Near Gainesville

5 of the Best Places to Get Fresh Air Near Gainesville

Those who have called Gainesville home for more than four years know that The Swamp is home to more than just the university, football team and the entertainment scene along University Avenue. Gainesville and its surrounding towns are home to numerous gems of nature. From springs, to rivers and lakes, to prairies and plains, there’s

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Heat-Related Ailments

Learn How to Treat Heat-Related Ailments

Summer days and beautiful Florida weather mean one thing — lots of time spent outdoors. However, with temperatures in the upper 90s and high humidity, you and your little ones can burn yourselves out quickly in the summer heat. The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin breaks down how to recognize, prevent and treat some common and

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Fun Summer Reads For All Ages

As a parent, you don’t want your kids to be bored over summer break. You also don’t want their boredom to lead to reading loss, which can happen when your child does not read for a few months. To help encourage your kids to read over their vacation, I’ve compiled a list of fun summer

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