Thornebrook Spring Arts Festival

The Thornebrook Spring Arts Festival will have vendors, live music and display pieces from your favorite artists including paintings, sculptures, photography, glass works, wood carvings and more.

Anthropologie Community Pop-Up Market Celebrating Black History

Celebrate Black History and support and shop local black-owned businesses at Anthropologie's Community Pop-Up Market on Saturday, February 17, from 12 PM - 4 PM. The following local vendors will be at the event! Buy some delicious sweet treats from Sugar Baby's Cookies! @SugarBabysCookies Enjoy Live Art by Diasporic Pigments! @diasporicpigments/ Discover some

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bento box

Easy Bento Box Combinations to Make Lunchtime Fun!

Bento lunches are some of our favorites! You can mix and match small portions of healthy snacks and options to give your kiddos bento box combinations that are well-balanced and yummy, making them the hit of the lunch room. Related articles: 22 Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves Get The Recipe For Carmen’s Quick Mexican Chicken
middle school

Middle School Success: Getting Your Middle Schooler Prepared

You have done the tours and you have met the teachers. Now, with only a few days to go until your kiddo’s first day of middle school, how do we parents make sure the transition from elementary school is a smooth one? Listen with intent Do not dismiss your child’s feelings. Going from the top

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Back-to-School Blues

Put a Stop to Back-to-School Blues!

Another summer break is wrapping up and it’s time to lie out the children’s finely pressed uniforms and sit in the morning traffic. Everything seems to be as fine as it can be in the middle of a pandemic. And then, as the alarm goes off on that first day of school, you know in

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Heat-Related Ailments

Learn How to Treat Heat-Related Ailments

Summer days and beautiful Florida weather mean one thing — lots of time spent outdoors. However, with temperatures in the upper 90s and high humidity, you and your little ones can burn yourselves out quickly in the summer heat. The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin breaks down how to recognize, prevent and treat some common and

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Gator football schedule

Start Adding the 2023 Gator Football Schedule to Your Calendars

The University of Florida has released the 2023 Gator football schedule! You can start adding the games to you calendar! In total, this Gator's season will consist of six home games, five away games and the "traditional neutral-site contest against the SEC East rival Georgia Bulldogs at TIAA Bank Field, in Jacksonville, Florida," according to

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4th of July popsicles

3 Sweet 4th of July Popsicle Recipes!

Looking for a refreshing snack to make with your kids? Add an extra ‘pop’ to your 4th of July celebration with these easy popsicle recipes!   Berry Blast Popsicle Ingredients: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, coconut water, popsicle molds Directions: Cut up strawberries. Drop blueberries, raspberries and pieces of strawberries into popsicle molds. Pour coconut water in

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Help Your Kiddos Burn off Afternoon Energy

Kiddos can harbor a lot of excess energy. With school winding down and summertime excitement growing, you know that your children will come home ready to let loose...after they finish their homework of course. So how can you help them burn off energy in a positive way? We've got some ideas. Kiddie Cardio Incorporating exercises

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Totally Tie-Dye: Jump on the Hottest DIY Trend

One of the biggest fashion trends we’ve seen is the reemergence of tie-dye! What may seem like a retired style now reserved exclusively for camp activities and middle school projects, is now making its way back into the mainstream. If you want to jump on the trend, but maybe haven’t done tie-dye since you were

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